Seed Research Grants

Stanford Center for Digital Health Seed Research Grants allow Stanford community members the opportunity to receive research grant funds and/or digital health technology to conduct meaningful research. The competitive CDH Seed Research Grant application process gives Stanford project teams the opportunity to obtain resources to address important issues in health care and increase positive outcomes.

Apple Watch Seed Research Grant

The Apple Watch Seed Research Grant Program invited proposals from Stanford faculty and instructors to stimulate creative and innovative uses of the Apple Watch in healthcare. Apple Watches and seed grant funding have been awarded to five project teams. Congratulations to the winners!

Harnessing Mindset in Health Technology

Principal investigator: Alia Crum, PhD (Psychology).

Co-investigators: James Landay, PhD (Computer Science), Octavia Zahrt (Organizational Behavior).

Stroke Coach: A virtual therapist for stroke patient arm recovery

Principal investigators: Maarten Lansberg, MD, PhD (Neurology), Scott Delp, PhD (Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, Orthopaedic Surgery), Kara Flavin, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery).

Co-investigators: Mike Hittle (Biomedical Computation), Catherine Legault, MD (Vascular Neurology), Mazen Al Borno, PhD (Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery), Peter Lu (Computer Science), Joy Hsu (Computer Science).

Exploring an artificial intelligence approach to support adherence behaviors in psychiatric clinical care

Principal investigators: Sarah Adler, Psy.D (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences), Jane Kim, Ph.D. (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences).

Co-investigators: Mytilee Vemuri, MD, Katherine Williams, MD, Debra Safer, MD (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences).

Stop, watch: reducing hyperactivity and supporting attention for youth with adhd

Principal investigator: Leanne Williams, PhD (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences).

Co-investigators: John E. Leikauf, MD, Carlos Correa (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences).

Individualized migraine attack prediction with self-reported and passively collected data

Principal investigator: Lorene Nelson, PhD, MS (Health Research & Policy).

Co-investigators: Ealon Joelson, MD (Neurology), Eric J. Daza, PhD (Stanford Prevention Research Center), Katherine K. Holsteen, BS (Epidemiology).



Open Enrollment Studies

What keeps your body its healthiest? Members of the public are invited to join studies led by Stanford researchers to help gather information to better understand and prevent diseases, while learning more about your own health, risk factors, and areas for improvement.

MyHeart Counts

MyHeart Counts is a research app designed to study activity and heart health through your phone.  The study is one of the largest and fastest recruiting for a research trial and is currently ongoing with over 60,000 participants utilizing mobile consent and participation feedback.  Stanford University scientists plan to use data gathered from app users to improve methods of preventing and treating heart disease.  Learn more about the study.  Principal Investigators: Alan YeungEuan A. Ashley in collaboration with the American Heart Association.


Clinical Research

Comprehensive clinical trials focus on the advancement of faculty projects and industry-sponsored research in the field of digital health. CDH encourages collaboration with industry through pilots and large research studies to validate and investigate disease outcomes, cost-effectiveness, engagement, and utilization.




SmartADHERE is a randomized trial featuring a mobile app, semi-automated chatbot, and coaching to improve anticoagulation adherence in atrial fibrillation.  It is the largest ever multimodal digital health research clinical trial with 400 patients from 25 sites.  The trial is currently enrolling participants.  Principal Investigator: Mintu Turakhia.

Digital Cardiac Rehab after Hospitalization

Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR) and AstraZeneca collaboration is focused on cardio-metabolic mobile health innovations in clinical trial design and operations.  The study utilizes a multimodal app and coaching intervention in patients after heart attack, angioplasty or stenting.  The app aims to support lifestyle and risk factor modifications. Principal Investigator: Mintu Turakhia.


Discover-AF is a population screening pilot study for atrial fibrillation (AF) using a wearable patch sensor at point-of-care to address ~500,000 undiagnosed AF individuals.  The pilot guides feasibility and implementation leading to a two-stage, adaptive design with the goal of 7% yield of AF, one year study with ~1,400 patients.  The trial is currently in development. Principal Investigator: Mintu Turakhia.Turakhia M, Am J Cardiol. 2015.


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