Center for Digital Health Landscape Report

The Center for Digital Health Landscape Report is a first of its kind, comprehensive analysis of Digital Health efforts across Stanford. The report includes a deep dive into academic literature, detailed research trends, and unique institutional insights from a variety of stakeholders throughout the Stanford ecosystem. How have Stanford researchers, physicians, and scientists impacted the field of digital health? What does the data tell us about the evolution of digital health over time at Stanford? How many patents does Stanford have in digital health? Download the full report to learn about the top trends impacting the digital health space at Stanford and beyond. 

Digital health is a rapidly evolving field and new technologies are being developed each day. This growth has been accompanied by increasing consumer adoption, heightened awareness of digital health tools and the rise of the “Data-Driven” physician. As a world-class research institution with close ties to Silicon Valley, Stanford University’s position at the intersection of medicine and technology provides a unique opportunity to observe and shape the expanding landscape of digital health. 

What do the top digital health leaders think about the intersection of health and technology? We interviewed experts, key opinion leaders, and executives from across the Stanford ecosystem to find out which trends are shaping the future of digital health.

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