Dedicated Clinical Trial Space

The 5th floor of the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital has, for the first time, dedicated its beds to cutting-edge cell and gene therapy clinical trials thanks to a generous gift to the CDCM. This is the first time there are dedicated beds for translational research generated from Stanford discovery and development efforts across diverse therapeutic areas. This bed space  A variety of integrated capabilities and resources are needed to stand up this infrastructure: personnel with expertise in biostatistics and clinical trial protocol creation, clinical (MDs and nursing) and coordination personnel with experience in cell and gene therapy, data management and clinical informatics technology, and ambulatory and inpatient space. Stanford Medicine's commitment to translational success is evident in the existence of these capabilities and resources across therapeutic areas in adult medicine, cancer care, and pediatrics at Stanford. A commitment to further development and sharing of resources and expertise in clinical trials for cell and gene therapies enhances the CDCM's value proposition, both to the individual principal investigators and to Stanford more broadly. Collaboration across Stanford for this clinical trial infrastructure leads to improved oversight and common clinical trial processes which enhance safety for patients and reduce clinical trial risk at Stanford. Additionally, this collaboration for cell and gene therapy clinical trials will create some economies of scale for important clinical trial capabilities such as information technology and clinical informatics tools, hiring of coordination and management personnel, and laboratory/biobanking resources.