You Can Help Cure the Incurable

Our researchers are using stem cell and gene therapies to cure some of the world’s most challenging diseases – from diagnoses like leukemias and sickle cell to rare diseases of the blood, skin, immune system, and other organs. Therapies considered science fiction just a decade ago are now well within reach. We have an opportunity to not only treat but actually cure diseases affecting millions of people worldwide. You can be part of this important work.


"For the first time, research at Stanford has a chance to actually cure my children’s incurable disease." – Jessica, grateful parent

These are just a few children whose lives we’ve transformed:

Kruz & Paizlee These siblings (pictured above) traveled from Alabama for a unique stem cell transplant and specialized care that only we could provide.

Ronnie & Levi After being diagnosed with a rare incurable disease, treatments pioneered at the CDCM gave these brothers hope.

Peter This teen (below) is thriving after becoming one of only a few people in the world with a transplanted heart to receive a stem cell transplant.

Opportunity for Impact 

The CDCM aims to rapidly translate exploratory and preclinical studies into definitive cures for currently incurable diseases. The team has many lab-tested ideas for curative therapies—and countless young patients eagerly awaiting these innovative solutions. A pipeline of trials is ready to begin now. With your support, we can cure the incurable.

To learn how you can make an impact today, contact: 

Payal Shah  |  Director, Principal Gifts, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health | 650.736.1291|