The Binns Program for Cord Blood Research: What to Expect

Who is eligible to donate blood?

Women who pass a brief medical history screening and meet these criteria:

  1. Are at least 18 years old;
  2. Scheduled to deliver at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford;
  3. Expecting one child (not twins or more);
  4. Delivering full-term (more than 34 weeks gestation).

Cord Blood Donation Details

The beauty of cord blood donation toward research is in its simplicity. First, a brief screen of the maternal electronic medical record is performed to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met. Then, our coordinator meets with the expecting mother, as well as any friends and family who are present, when she has been admitted to the Labor and Delivery unit at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford to obtain her informed consent and address any outstanding doubts/concerns. The consent process can be as brief or as thorough as desired by the mother (at times, it may serve as a pleasant distraction!) and is simply our way of ensuring that everyone involved are on the same page. Feel free to read the content of the consent form located below. There is no further active participation required from mother, baby or family. The cord blood will be collected, processed, and donated toward research at Stanford, where it will fuel the development of new and potentially curative therapies.


Consent Forms

Or to read the English version of the consent form online, click here.