Coming Together to Combat Disease with Discovery

On behalf of the Binns Program for Cord Blood Research, we invite you to learn more about how we can help you incorporate the process of cord blood donation into your birth plan as you prepare for your special day.

For decades, cord blood donation has served an important role in facilitating stem cell transplantation for the treatment of various blood and immune disorders. Thousands of cord blood units are donated daily to public cord blood banks for use in life-saving transplant procedures across the country. In more recent times, there has been a growing need for cord blood within the research community – a need that has yet to be sufficiently addressed, as only those cord blood units that are deemed inadequate for clinical use are redirected toward research purposes, if not discarded.

At Stanford Medicine, we believe in the power of combating disease with discovery. A single cord blood unit has the potential to save not just one, but many lives, when it is used to support groundbreaking research. The Binns Program for Cord Blood Research began from an expressed understanding of this potential, and we continue to evolve in pace with Stanford research. Joining forces with the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital as well as champions within the local community, we eagerly engage in the pursuit of investigation and discovery.

As we strive to propel cutting-edge research from bench to bedside, we look forward to a day when umbilical cord blood no longer goes wasted. By donating your cord blood in support of Stanford research, you and your child are helping not just one, but thousands of children whose health and well-being are in need of being reclaimed.

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