Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence
Focused on Therapy Response (CCNE-TR)

Pilot Projects

Year 2 - 2007-2008

Pilot Project 1
Development of Gold Nanoparticle-Based Molecular Imaging Reagents
Roger Kornberg, PhD

Pilot Project 2
Bioengineered Protein Nanoenvironments for Growth and Characterization of Human Lymphoma
Helen M. Blau, PhD

Pilot Project 3
Core-Shell Nanopillars for ex vivo Electrochemical Sensing
Yi Cui, PhD

Year 3 - 2008-2009

Pilot Project 1
Targeted, biocompatible, multivalent contrast agents based on core-shell star polymer nanoparticles for MR and NIR imaging
Annelise Barron, PhD

Pilot Project 2
Visualizing Directed Delivery of Drug-Encapsulated Nanoparticles to Tumor Cells
Richard Zare, PhD

Year 4 - 2009-2010

Pilot Project 1
Affibody Modified SERS Nanoparticle for Colorectal Cancer Earlier Detection
Zhen Cheng, PhD

Pilot Project 2
Nano-photonic crystals for all-optical processing of PET photon signals
Craig Levin, PhD

Year 5 - 2010-2011

Pilot Project 1
Computer Simulation of Cancer Nanoparticle Therapies and Imaging Techniques for Virtual Protyping in the CCNE
Eric Shaqfeh, PhD

Pilot Project 2
Fiber-coupled Nanoresonators for Enhanced Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Cancer Detection
Jelena Vuckovic, PhD