Past CBIS Symposiums

7th Annual CBIS Symposium

Sponsored by: The Stanford Neuroscience Institute, The Cancer Center, and The Department of Radiology

April 29, 2015

Berg Hall
Li Ka Shing Center
Stanford University



Richard J, Price, Ph.D.

"Image-guided Therapeutic Nanoparticle Delivery with Focused Ultrasound"


Invited Speakers:

  • Rebecca Fahrig, Ph.D., Dept of Radiology-Stanford -"New Image Guidance  for New Radiation Therapy Approaches: Seeing what we're  Treating"
  • Stephen Smith, Ph.D., Allen Institute - "Functional Synaptomes of Mouse and Human via Multi-patch Array Tomography"


6th Annual CBIS Symposium

Presented in conjunction with The Neuroscience Institute

April 10, 2014

Berg Hall
Li Ka Shing Center
Stanford University


Bruce Fischl, Ph.D. MGH

Author of the popular Freesurfer software

Faculty Lectures:

  • Kalanit Grill-Spector, Ph.D., Dept. of Psychology -Stanford- "High-resolution fMRI of Human High-level Visual Cortex"
  • Jennifer McNab, Ph.D., Department of Radiology - Stanford - "Designing MRI Signatures of Cortices, Connectomes and Compartments"
  • Xiaoke Chen, Ph.D., Department of Biology - Stanford - "Visualizing the Pain Circuits in the Spinal Cord"


5th Annual CBIS Symposium

“The Power of Pixels”

April 11, 2013

Berg Hall
Li Ka Shing Center
Stanford University



Mark Cohen, PhD - UCLA

"A Unified Theory of Images"


Faculty Lectures:

  • Nick van Bruggen, PhD - Genentech - "Imaging in Drug Discovery and Development"
  • Joseph Wu, MD, PhD - Stanford - "Molecular Imaging of Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy"
  • Audrey Ellerbee, PhD - Stanford - "Running Interference with Optical Imaging Systems"
  • Manu Prakash, PhD - Stanford - "Low Cost Imaging Systems for Global Health"


4th Annual CBIS Symposium

“Stanford Symposium on Biomedical Imaging”

Sponsored in partnership with:

The Center for Biomedical Imaging at Stanford and
The Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering

Poster Session Friday, April 6th


Day 1: Optical Imaging Sessions

Makenzie Room, Huang Engineering Center, Stanford University

Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Stavros G. Demos
    Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and the Center for Biophotonics Science & Technology, University of California, Davis
  • Dr. Daniel A. Fletcher
    Jack Lloyd Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley
  • Dr. Marc Fournelle
    Senior Scientist, Biomedical Ultrasound Research Group at Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology (IBMT), Coordinator of the European Research Project, SKINSPECTION

    Prof. Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub
    Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University
  • Dr. Elizabeth Krupinski
    Professor and Vice-Chair of Research, Department of Medical Imaging and Psychology, University of Arizona
  • Dr. Hakho Lee
    Principal Investigator, Center for Systems Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Prof. Aydogan Ozcan
    Associate Professor, Bio- and Nano-Photonics Laboratory, Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering Departments, University of California, Los Angeles, and Founder, member of the Board of Directors, Holomic LLC
  • Prof. Daniel Razansky
    Director, Laboratory for Experimental Biological Imaging Systems, the Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging (IBMI), Technical University Munich and Helmholtz Center Munich
  • Dr. Louis Silverstein
    Founder and Chief Scientist, VCD Sciences, Inc. An organization involved in R7D in applied vision, color science and display technology.
  • Prof. Sebastian Wachsmann–Hogiu 
    Center for Biophotonics Science & Technology, University of California, Davis
  • Dr. Yukako Yagi
    Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

Day 2: BioImaging Sessions

2nd Floor, Li Ka Shing, Stanford University


William Ralph Brody, MD, PhD
"Uncommon Sense or Common Nonsense: Ideas That Will Never Work"

William Ralph Brody is an American radiologist and academic administrator. He is the President of the Salk Institute and former President of The Johns Hopkins University, a position which he had held from 1996 to 2009. Brody received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees, the latter also in electrical engineering, from Stanford University. He continued his post-graduate training at the University of California, San Francisco where he completed a residency in diagnostic radiology in 1977. Brody was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2003. On May 21, 2009, an honorary doctorate was conferred on him by The Johns Hopkins University He serves as a director of Medtronic, an international medical device company, and is on the board of directors of IBM.

Faculty Lectures:

  • Uwe Bergmann
     LCLS Administration, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
  • Dr. Sean Mackey 
    Assoicate Professor, Department of Anthesthesia, Stanford University
  • Dr. W.E. Moerner
    Department of Chemistry and by courtesy, Applied Physics, Stanford University
  • Dr. Robert Negrin
    Professor, Department of Medicine, Blood & Marrow Transplanation, Member, Cancer Center, Stanford University

3rd Annual CBIS Symposium

“Pushing the Limits of Imaging: Faster, Higher, Stronger”

March 29, 2011

Second Floor
Li Ka Shing
Stanford University


Rod Pettigrew, MD, PhD - NIBIB

Roderic I. Pettigrew, MD, PhD, is the first Director of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. Prior to his appointment, he was a Professor of Radiology Medicine (Cardiology) at Emory University, as well as Professor of Bioengineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also served as Director of the Emory Center for Magnetic Resonance (MR) Research at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.

Faculty Lectures:

  • Roger Kornberg, PhD - Structural Biology, Stanford University
  • David Ehrhardt, PhD - Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution for Science
  • Stephen Smith, PhD - Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford University
  • Sarah Nelson, PhD - Radiology, UC San Francisco

2nd Annual CBIS Symposium

“Imaging Inside Out: Biomedical Imaging from Atom to Adam”

April 22, 2010

Clark Center Auditorium
Stanford University


John Mazziotta, MD, PhD - UCLA

John Mazziotta, chair of the Department of Neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, is into brains. More specifically, how to use brain imagery to help understand, treat and hopefully heal disease. As a student at Georgetown, Dr. Mazziotta wanted to be an architect. But "then I met neuroscientists," he recalls, and his professional life's path was set. As director of UCLA's Brain Mapping Center and principal investigator of the International Consortium for Brain Mapping (ICBM), Mazziotta leads a team of researchers from six countries in creating the world's first comprehensive atlas of the structure and function of the normal adult human brain. His work is one reason UCLA has become the world's foremost center on brain imaging and mapping.

Faculty Lectures:

  • Marc Levoy, PhD - Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
  • Angelique Louie, PhD - Department of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis
  • Mark Schnitzer, PhD - Department of Biology and Applied Physics
  • Shreyas Vasanawala, MD, PhD - Department of Radiology


Poster Winners: 

1st Place: Anderson Nnewihe
"High Resolution Breast MRI" 

2nd Place: Randy King
"MR-Guided Ultrasound Neurostimulation"

3rd Place: Jiajing Xu
"Shape Features with Application to Liver CT Images"

1st Annual CBIS Symposium

"Advancing science through multidisciplinary biomedical imaging"

August 31, 2009

Hewlett 201, 370 Serra Mall
Stanford University


"Connections" by Jeff Lichtman, MD, PhD - Harvard

Jeff Lichtman, MD, PhD, is a Professor in Harvard’s Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and a member of the newly established Center for Brain Science. Dr. Lichtman’s research interests revolve around the question of how mammalian brains accommodate information based on their early experiences. He has focused on the dramatic rewiring of neural connections that takes place in early postnatal development. This work has required development of techniques to visualize the patterns of connections in the nervous system and how they are altered over time. 

Faculty Lectures:

"Role of Imaging Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine" by Helen Blau, PhD - Stanford

Non-invasive imaging allows real-time quantitative and kinetic analyses of stem cell function in mouse and man.

"Miniaturized Microscopes" by Chris Contag, PhD - Stanford

New microscope technologies enabling microscopic detection of cancer in patients and new molecular probes will enable detection of early lesions and development of multiplexed in vivo assays.

"Beyond visualization and quantitation: Content-based Retrieval for Radiological Decision Support" by Sandy Napel, PhD - Stanford

The utility and methods for content-based retrieval of images with similarly appearing lesions will be presented including preliminary results with CT scans of the liver.


Additional Information: 

In addition to our Keynote speakers, a committee of Stanford post-docs organized abstracts and poster presentations on various biomedical imaging advances, providing a great opportunity for students and postdocs to exchange their research experience and build new connections in applying imaging techniques to future research. Prizes were given for Best Poster and Best Presentation, as judged by Dr. Lichtman and the CBIS Advisory Board. 


Best Presentation: Jonathan Liu, Postdoc, Pediatrics: “Molecular Image-guided brain tumor resection with Miniature Optical-sectioning Microscopy” 

Best Poster: Lena Kaye, grad student, EE: “Tissue Displacement Mapping with MR-ARFI”

Past CBIS Symposiums