Course Work

Students who pursue Cancer Biology are required to complete 6 units of coursework related to cancer. This may include basic science, clinical science, and/or methodology applied to cancer biology. Recommended courses include the core courses of the Cancer Biology PhD program:

CBIO 240               Molecular and Genetic Basis of Cancer (4 Units)

CBIO 242               Cellular and Clinical Aspects of Cancer (4 Units)

CBIO 243               Principles of Cancer Systems Biology (3 Units)

CBIO 275               Tumor Immunology (3 Units)

Students are also encouraged to take participate in the journal club, which focuses on discussion of recent published findings. This course may be taken multiple times.

CBIO 280               Cancer Biology Journal Club (1 Unit)

Finally, participation in the seminar series is highly recommended.

CBIO 245               Lecture Seminar Series in Cancer Biology Program (1 Unit)

Other courses may be considered to fulfill the Scholarly Concentration requirements. Please consult with the Concentration Director to obtain approval for these.