ABCs for Global Health: COVID-19 in the Philippines

Under the leadership of Dr. Julieta Gabiola, CARE faculty and Director of Philippines Outreach, the non-profit organization ABCs for Global Health has expanded access to low-cost, high-quality care to thousands of rural Filipinos. Since its founding in 2009, ABCs has leveraged mobile clinic outreach, healthy diet intervention programs, and community health education to serve indigenous populations, the rural poor, and the incarcerated -- groups at increased risk of COVID-19.

For more information about Dr. Gabiola's and ABCs' work in the Philippines, please see the presentation below.

Indigenous Health in the Philippines During COVID-19

A Review by Alden Gu, Student Researcher and Project Lead at ABCs for Global Health

The Aeta, the oldest indigenous people of the Philippines, remain socioeconomically disadvantaged due to social discrimination, economic instability, and widespread health disparities. Encroachment upon ancestral territory segregates and marginalizes Aeta communities, while high rates of malnutrition and parasitism run rampant. Futhermore, a lack of economic resources feeds a cycle of poverty that further exacerbates medical conditions in these communities.

It is unclear how the current COVID-19 pandemic might affect the Aeta population. However, past pandemics have disproportionately harmed indigenous communities more so than their non-indigenous counterparts. In the case of the Aeta, it is almost certain that this trend will continue. The current lack of data demands that more research be done to address the long-term social and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Aeta tribe.

To learn more about indigenous Philippine health in the age of COVID-19, please read the White Paper above: "Socioeconomic disparities afflicting the Aeta tribe of central Luzon," by Alden Gu, Student Researcher and Project Lead at ABCs for Global Health

Consortium of Universities for Global Health

March 12 - 14, 2021

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