Summer Internship Symposium

CARE held its first Internship Symposium on August 9th, 2019. During the summer, our interns worked on publishing research on Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer. The research was based on the mortality trends of the six largest Asian subgroups in the US. Their research aims to show how each subgroup has particular instances where they differentiate from each other, thus proving the need for disaggregation.

Our Teaching Assistant for the summer worked on two additional projects.

  • Developing a Machine Learning Model to Predict Patterns in Shortness of Breath - This project aims to develop a machine learning model to predict the trend in shortness of breath in patients. This could be useful for emergency personnel trying to figure out the level of distress a patient is in, and will be in, over time. 
  • Developing a Machine Learning Model to Identify the Presence of Corneal Arcus - This project focuses on developing a machine learning model for detecting and quantifying the severity of corneal arcus in patients that are at risk for high cholesterol. 


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