Stanford CARE Scholars Class of 2020

Scholar Highlight: Kalpana Balaraman '20

The Future of Asian American Healthcare

"All in all, this was one of the most rewarding experiences in my budding academic and medical journey. While I have been eternally grateful to have been previously exposed to healthcare in Hawaii, branching out into the large Stanford network has truly opened my eyes to the diversity and innovation present in healthcare. I have never worked with such an efficient and skilled team before, and I can’t wait to see what fields my fellow researchers will move into.

"I am incredibly proud to have been a member of the Pac Pals – our three-person superstar team that spanned 19 hours of time differences (Japan, Hawaii, and California) – and I can’t wait to continue collaborating with them to improve healthcare for everyone. But most importantly, I can’t wait to finally meet my teammates in person and hug them for the first time." -- Kalpana Balarman, CARE Scholars Class of 2020

Meet Our Team

The Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education is dedicated to improving the lives of Asians everywhere, through evidence-based research and education in precision Asian health. Please join us on August 14th for a virtual conference as we highlight important new Asian health research by Stanford CARE Summer Research Immersion and Hong Kong University medical and public health students.

This year, due to the pandemic, the conference will be held virtually.