Stanford CARE Scholars

About Our Program

The Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE) is offering an immersive, online course in Asian Health for undergraduate and graduate students, anchored by a 9-week summer immersion in Data Science and Vulnerable Populations. This exceptional program leverages the unique aspects of Stanford’s world-class research, technology, and medical infrastructure to train scholars to become superb population science researchers.

By the end of the program, scholars will utilize tools to conduct large database analysis, understand core concepts in health care research, and identify problems/solutions in vulnerable populations. In addition, scholars will effectively engage with technologists, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and population science researchers.

Throughout the summer, scholars will participate with Stanford faculty and visiting faculty in ongoing seminars around: Asian health, medical technology, AI, medical research, vulnerable populations, global health, essentials of research, innovation and leadership, scholarship and presentation, and career goals.

The course content aims to facilitate student career development and professional success. We place extra emphasis on mentorship, wellness, and personal career development to ensure that our students have a fulfilling experience that prepares them for careers as scholars in medicine and research. Our students will build connections with Stanford CARE's global network of thought leaders and professionals, and with each other. 

Program Timeline

From April to July, Scholars will participate in weekly pre-program Innovation Seminars. Beginning in July,  Scholars will participate in a 2-week intensive boot camp to learn research fundamentals. During the summer, followed by 9-week research immersion, Scholars will work on two research projects – a large database research focused on precision medicine (in-seminar), and specific mentored research projects with individual faculty (out of seminar).  All projects will be mentored by leading Stanford CARE faculty. At the end of the program, Scholars will present their work at the CARE Summer Research Symposium, and then work on publishing their results in academic journals over the next six months. Most students are predicted to submit 1-2 manuscripts for publication to a peer reviewed journal. In addition, Scholars may publish additional manuscripts with Stanford Faculty around other projects. Program content is the equivalent of three undergraduate classes.

CARE Scholars, Class of 2023 applications close on January 13th, 2023

Application Fee: $75

Program Fee: $6500

Meet Our Team

Adrian Bacong

Implementation Science Fellow

Shozen Dan

Visiting Fellow

Xin Yi (Tina) Cheng

Implementation Science Fellow

Sanah Vohra

Implementation Science Fellow