Danke Wu

Danke Wu, Advisory Board Member

Danke Wu has been a philanthropist and fundraiser over the last decade pursuing her passion for technology with a particular focus in the medical field. She is a strong advocate for the Asian American community on education and health issues. In addition to serving on the Advisory Board of Stanford CARE, Danke has been highly involved in the Los Altos schools and communities on STEM initiatives and served on the Board of Los Altos Robotics, a non-profit which is dedicated to providing the opportunity for youths to challenge themselves and experience the joy of building and programming robots. Beyond Danke’s philanthropic partnership with Stanford CARE, Danke and her family have also supported various Stanford research projects in the areas of bio/medical, engineering, and athletics.

Prior to her philanthropic career, Danke worked in software engineering with Silicon Valley technology companies, such as Cisco Systems. Danke holds a Master Degree in Computer Science from The University of Toledo. She enjoys reading, golfing, traveling, and exploring the origin, history and future of the universe.