Students are naturally curious about their brains and how their brains work. The purpose of this lesson is to have students learn basic information about their developing brain, what their brain is capable of doing, and what happens when cannabis is introduced to their developing brain. The goal is for students to walk away with more knowledge about their brain, understand why it is important to prevent cannabis use, and keep their brains healthy.

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Learning Objectives

By hearing and participating in this lesson, students will:

  • Unique features of the adolescent brain
  • Ways the brain reacts to drugs, including cannabis.
  • Problems that arise from using cannabis as an adolescent.
  • Ways to reduce harms of cannabis use.

Key Takeaways

  • The teen brain's job is to figure out what make you - you!
  • Your brain is awesome and full of potential.
  • Everyone’s brain is unique.
  • An adolescent's brain is especially vulnerable to drugs.
  • Drugs like cannabis are tricky for the brain, because they may feel good at first but harm the brain over time.

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