Unit 1: Cannabis/Marijuana 101: Weeding Thru Opinions

Learning Objectives

  1. Obtain knowledge of various cannabinoids found in marijuana/cannabis, focusing on THC and CBD
  2. Understand the potential health impacts of marijuana/cannabis use
  3. Summarize marijuana/cannabis facts 


Teachers should go through each unit and download the PowerPoint for class presentation. Teachers should also download the accompanying activities for in-class activities. Speakers' notes are embedded in the PowerPoint. Activities are meant to be printed for students before class begins. Each Unit has a Kahoot! Quiz linked below and can be used a pre and post quiz to see how much students know before and after instruction. Discussion Guides found below can be assigned as take-home assignments.


Lesson 1.1: Cannabis/Marijuana 101: Weeding Thru Opinions

Lesson 1.2: Cannabis Overview


Discussion Guide