Cancer Biology Seminar Series

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00 PM

In person or Virtual Seminar Series via ZOOM

October 3 Munzer Auditorium

Eyal Gottlieb, Ph.D.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

"Exploiting Metabolic Liabilities of Cancer Cells"


October 17 Munzer Auditorium

Aaron Diaz, Ph.D.

University of California San Francisco

"Single-cell genomics studies of brain-tumor heterogeneity" 


November 14 Munzer Auditorium

Agata Smogorzewska MD., Ph.D.

The Rockefeller University

"When Watson and Crick Get Linked: DNA Interstrand Crosslink Repair and tumorigenesis"


November 28 Munzer Auditorium

Alexander Wyatt, Ph.D.

The University of British Columbia

"Circulating tumor DNA in metastatic prostate cancer "

December 12 Munzer Auditorium

Benjamin F. Cravatt, Ph.D.

The Scripps Research Institute

"Activity-based proteomics-target and ligand discovery on a global scale"


January 16 Munzer Auditorium

Lewis C. Cantley, Ph.D.

Harvard Medical School

"An Atlas of the Substrate Specificity of All Human Protein-Tyrosine Kinases"



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January 30 Munzer Auditorium

W. Kimryn Rathmell, MD. Ph.D.

Vanderbilt University

"Supply and Demand: Metabolic forces in the Tumor Environment"


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