Science Talk

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00 PM
In person or Stanford Zoom

April 11, 2023

Lena Murray 

SIM1, Lorry Lokey, Room G1002

Dixon Lab
Investigating the regulation of cell death by Cap'n'collar family transcription factors

April 4, 2023

Catherine Zhang 

SIM1, Lorry Lokey, Room G1002

Bassik and Greenleaf Lab
Cancer cell phagocytosis induces an anti-inflammatory gene program in macrophages

February 14, 2023

Hudson Horn

SIM1, Lorry Lokey, Room G1002

Kuo Lab
Modelling Two-Step Carcinogenesis with Human Skin Organoids

February 7, 2023

SIM1, Lorry Lokey, Room G1002

Karmen Aguirre 

Jerby Lab
Spatial and perturbational single-cell transcriptomics reveal multi-scale circuitry of immune exclusion and evasion in high grade tubo-ovarian serous carcinoma

September 27, 2022

Max Markovic 

Nolan Lab
Red blood cell filtration: cell aging and cancer immunotherapy