Science Talk

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September 22, 2020



Brooks Benard

Majeti Lab
"Clonal architecture and variant allele frequency predict clinical outcomes and drug response in acute myeloid leukemia"



September 29, 2020



Jason Rodencal

Dixon Lab
"Inhibition of MBOAT1, a novel lipid metabolic enzyme, sensitizes cancer cells to non-apoptotic death"



October 6, 2020




Monica Nesselbush

Diehn Lab
"Interrogating circulating cell-free RNA for non-invasive detection of lung cancer"



October 20, 2020



Kelvin Cho

Ting Lab
"Split-TurboID mediated proximity labeling for proteomic mapping of ER-mitochondria contacts"



November 10, 2020




Brianna McIntosh

Cochran Lab
"Engineering decoy inhibitors for lung adenocarcinoma"



November 17, 2020




Derek Le

Wang Lab
"Characterizing long-range enhancer-enhancer interactions"



December 1, 2020




Anthony Cordova

Li Lab
"The Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Extracellular cGAMP Signaling"



January 12, 2021



Noah Greenwald

Angelo Lab
"Dissecting tissue architecture in health and disease by combining multiplexed imaging with deep learning"



January 26, 2021



Fangfei Qu

Sage Lab
"The Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of SCLC Brain Metastases"



February 2, 2021



Maryam Yousefi

Winslow Lab
"The complexity of lung adenocarcinoma initiation through combinatorial tumor suppressor inactivation"



February 16, 2021



Tim Chai

Weissman Lab
"How T cells talk to cancer cells"



March 16, 2021




Noah Lee

Sage Lab
"Functional genomics of small cell lung cancer through multiplexed in vivo CRISPR screen"



April 6, 2021



Yiran Liu

Khatri/Andrews Lab
"An 8-gene machine learning model predicts progression to severe dengue."



April 13, 2021




Edel McCrea

Attardi Lab
"Mechanisms of PTPN14-Dependent Tumor Suppression in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma"



April 27, 2021




Diego Almanza

Diehn Lab
"Cell-Free DNA Methylation as a Noninvasive Biomarker for Minimal Residual Disease in Lung Cancer"



May 11, 2021




Yanzhe Li

Oro Lab
"C-FOS drives reversible basal to squamous cell carcinoma transition"