Science Talk

Tuesdays, 12:00 - 1:00 PM


october 9, 2018



Marcus Kelly

Jackson Lab
"Proteomic and Genetic Interaction Mapping Reveals New Ras Pathway Effectors and Regulators"

october 16, 2018



Monica Olcina del Molino, PhD

Giaccia Lab
"Mutations in an innate immunity pathway are associated with poor overall survival outcomes and hypoxic signaling in cancer"

october 30, 2018



Shuo Liu, PhD

Gozani Lab

"METTL13 methylation of eEF1A increases translational output to promote tumorigenesis”

November 6, 2018



Thomas Silvers

Jarosz Lab

"Adaptive Evolution of Gene Expression via Gene Copy Number Change in Ovarian Cancer"

November 27, 2018




December 11, 2018



Fiorella Grandi

Bhutani Lab

"Understanding TET1’s Role in Establishing Cell Identity and and Sensing Cellular Stress"


January 8, 2019



Nitin Raj, PhD

Attardi Lab



january 22, 2019



Xue Yang

Labs of Khavari and Lu

"Genetic and genomic studies of pathogenic EXOSC2 mutations in the newly described disease SHRF implicate the SOX5/MITF axis in disease pathogenesis"

february 5, 2019



Julie Ko

Sage Lab

"Mechanisms of NFIB-driven small cell lung cancer metastasis"

february 12, 2019



Emily Hamilton

Labs of Alizadeh and Diehn

"Cell-free DNA as a noninvasive biomarker for early lung cancer detection”

february 26, 2019



Albert Li

Labs of Ye and Rankin 

"Serine Metabolism and Breast Cancer Metastasis"



March 12, 2019



Sarah Pierce

Winslow Lab

"LKB1 status drives chromatin accessibility changes in lung adenocarcinoma”


March 19, 2019



Cesar Marquez

Giaccia Lab (and Sweet-Cordero Lab, UCSF)



Apirl 2, 2019



Gunsagar Gulati

Weissman Lab

April 9, 2019



Stan Schor

Einav Lab



April 16, 2019



Anthony Boutelle

Attardi Lab


April 30, 2019



Irene Li

Plevritis Lab

May 14, 2019



Katie Yost

Chang Lab


May 28, 2019



Ron Shanderson

Khavari Lab



June 4, 2019



Shawn Gillespie

Monje Lab