Biomedical Computation at Stanford (BCATS)
BCATS is a one-day scientific symposium highlights current interdisciplinary research by students and postdoctoral fellows at universities in the San Francisco Bay Area and is organized exclusively by Stanford graduate students on behalf of the Stanford biomedical research community. Last year, BCATS presented work of over 30 different research projects to over 200 attendees from the scientific community. Over the years, BCATS has consistently offered the biomedical computation community a place to connect and learn about state-of-the-art science. This open exchange is critical for the growth of biomedical computation research. Attendees of previous BCATS have gone on to become leading faculty in prestigious institutions and drivers of biotechnological innovation in the private sector.
Cancer Biology students: Irene Li

PhD Pathways
PhD Pathways is a day-long Career Education Conference open to PhD students and Postdocs from all disciplines to inform and educate you about what types of career paths exist beyond academia with a PhD degree. PhD Pathways is organized by a team of Stanford PhD students, postdocs, and staff under the leadership of BEAM, Stanford Career Education.
Cancer Biology students: Irene Li