Education and Training

A collaborative environment to educate and mentor the next generation of leaders in cancer research and medicine

SCI Training Programs

SCI Trainees with visiting NCI Director, Ned Sharpless, MD (Image: Sarah Pelta)

SCI’s training programs provide a robust framework for connecting knowledge with inspiration. SCI faculty leaders challenge MD and PhD students, residents and postdoctoral fellows to pursue their scientific interests, and equip them with the range of skills required to make significant contributions to the prevention and treatment of cancer. 

SCI also offers a variety of Continuing Medical Education opportunities to give health-care providers direct access to the latest advances in cancer medicine.

James Ford, MD

Associate Director
Training and Education


Diversity in all forms enhances Stanford Medicine's core missions — education, research and health care. Physicians trained alongside colleagues from different social and cultural backgrounds develop a broader understanding of the human condition, while researchers develop an expanded view of health problems and their solutions.

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Events/ Seminars Calendar

Faculty and guest speakers provide updates and expert perspectives on diverse aspects of cancer research.

Funding Opportunities

Expert tutelage and financial support helps trainees develop the independence, critical skills and sense of inquiry that will allow them to meet the challenges and changes that lie ahead.

SCI Strengths

Culture of Innovation

With close ties to our adult and children's hospitals, the vast resources of Stanford University and the entrepreneurial endeavors of Silicon Valley, the Stanford Cancer Institute is uniquely positioned to drive creative thinking and accelerate the pace at which new knowledge is turned into tangible health benefits.

Interdisciplinary Scholarship

With easy access to world class faculty and coursework in medical science as well as engineering, computer science, education, business and the humanities, aspiring physicians and scientists can experiment across disciplines and customize their education to match their interests.

Mentorship & Collaboration

SCI's collaborative culture promotes intellectual rigor, openness and interdisciplinary partnerships.