SCI Equity Impact Research Grants

The Stanford Cancer Institute Population Sciences Program and Office of Cancer Health Equity, and the Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences sponsor the Equity Impact Research Grants.

In 2022, we partnered with the San Joaquin Valley Public Health Consortium to understand and address the impact of wildfire smoke on underserved communities in the San Joaquin Valley region. Climate change has increased the frequency and duration of wildfires in the region. The Consortium seeks to learn how this increase has affected cancer prevention and control in agricultural workers, fire personnel, and other vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted by wildfire exposures. 

The grant’s Challenge Award is focused on understanding and addressing the impact of climate change on cancer disparities in the San Joaquin Valley. These awards are granted for two years and up to $100,000.0.

The grant’s Seed Grants track seeks to address and reduce cancer disparities among underserved populations in California. These awards are granted for one year and up to $40,000. Preference is given to proposals focused on counties served by the Stanford Cancer Institute and/or the following priority areas:

  • Understanding and addressing structural and institutional factors that drive cancer disparities in persistent poverty areas.

  • Promoting cancer health equity in the San Joaquin Valley region.

  • Leveraging real-world data to reduce cancer disparities in California.


The following criteria are used to evaluate all proposals:

  • Potential impact

  • Cancer health equity focus

  • Community engagement

  • Methods

  • Scope and budget

  • Contribution to investigator’s training

  • Potential to lead to longer-term projects