Wipe Out Melanoma - California

Changing the way our community faces melanoma


What is Wipe Out Melanoma - California?  It is a way to engage our community in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of this serious disease. It is a research cohort, or group of people, who have a personal history of melanoma, are family members or are individuals interested in this topic. We hope to reach out to people who may not realize they are at higher risk for severe melanoma.  We are gathering an impressive “wave” of people who can help speed the progress of research and discoveries. Together, we can find answers and reduce the deaths caused by melanoma.


Why join? Melanoma can be deadly, and it has taken far too many lives. One person in the U.S. alone dies of melanoma every 52 minutes! Melanoma affects people of all skin shades, even those with darker skin tones, and the disease is hitting our poorest neighborhoods hard. For researchers to make groundbreaking discoveries, they need people willing to respond to surveys and to join studies. With an engaged community, studies enroll more quickly, education spreads more rapidly, and public policy changes more effectively. This is a place where you can make a direct impact on this deadly disease.


Our plan. We want to increase melanoma awareness among all Californians.  Our goal is to  save lives by educating our community on how to prevent and detect melanoma. Our plan includes a number of research studies, clinical trials, educational campaigns, and opportunities for the community to complete surveys and speak directly with doctors and researchers. There is much that needs to be done. Join us.


Join the Melanoma Community Registry of California (MCRC) and contribute to fighting this disease by providing valuable information to cancer researchers. Register here

Melanoma Community Registry of California

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