About Community Outreach and Engagement

The Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI) recognizes that disease pattern, clinical presentation and therapeutic response can vary dramatically based on a number of factors including race/ethnicity, ancestral background, socioeconomic status and gender.  SCI researchers are engaged in addressing these challenging issues to ensure that treatments, interventions, and prevention strategies will be relevant to all populations.

The SCI’s Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) Program was formed to organize and expand the SCI’s efforts to promote health equity, with a focus on three pillars: community partnerships, community engaged projects and diversity in clinical trials.  Through a wide range of approaches to community-engaged research, community outreach, education, access to clinical care and policy & advocacy we will help to reduce cancer health disparities within our catchment area and beyond.

We also provide technical assistance and services for SCI members who wish to include community engagement in their research.  Our goal is to enhance the capabilities of our SCI investigators to conduct community based participatory research.  To request assistance please visit our portal.



Our mission is to promote health equity and eliminate cancer health disparities in the Greater Bay Area by partnering with surrounding communities to promote cancer risk reduction, investigate the underlying causes of poor outcomes, and develop solutions to address them.