Signature Strengths

Empowered to mobilize resources across Stanford University to bring new therapies to cancer patients, SCI possesses several unique attributes and capabilities that make it an unrivaled cancer research and treatment center

Uniquely Stanford Cancer

The Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI) is one of an elite number of NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country.  The SCI fosters an approach of thinking about the most challenging problems in cancer from a new perspective.  Learn about our unique strengths in Genomics, Circulating Tumor DNA, Training the Next Generation of Physician Scientists, Phase I Clinical Research and Patient Care, Cellular Immunotherapy, Molecular Imaging and Radiation Therapy.

Unwavering commitment to scientific discovery

Basic research remains the engine of research, prevention and treatment advances. In ways that cannot always be anticipated, unfettered scientific exploration yields the building blocks for new cancer therapies.

Exceptionally talented and dedicated membership

More than 450 faculty representing 37 academic departments in four schools within the University. SCI provides critical guidance, support and coordination to enable its members to translate Stanford discoveries into better understanding and treatment of cancer. 

Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and technological innovation

Unique among academic medical centers, Stanford combines elite programs in medicine, engineering and computer science/information technology. SCI incorporates this expertise in a relentless pursuit to improve cancer research and patient care.

Proven ability to translate discoveries into new therapies and improved outcomes

SCI’s experienced leaders, culture of innovation, leading-edge technology and ties to the local biomedical industry all help expedite the translation of research advances into new cancer therapies and enhanced patient care.

Integration of information technology and rigorous performance analysis to clinical research and the delivery of comprehensive, individualized cancer care

Stanford’s strengths in bioinformatics, computer sciences and technology enable the gathering and study of vast amounts of data which can be studied by investigators across many disciplines and applied to individual patients or population-sized cohorts.

Commitment to training and mentoring passionate physician-scientists

Stanford has a proud tradition of physician-scientists whose study of cancer in the laboratory informs their patient care, and vice versa. SCI provides training programs for investigators who are both driven to discover and committed to advancing health.

National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Recognized by the National Cancer Institute for stimulating novel laboratory, clinical and population–based research, and rapidly translating discoveries into new therapeutic applications for cancer patients.