Patel Named Advocacy Champion by the the Association for Clinical Oncology

During the May 2023 ASCO Advocacy Summit, SCI member Manali I. Patel, MD, MPH, MS, was recognized as an Advocacy Champion by the Association for Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Advocacy Champions are ASCO volunteers who have significantly contributed to the Association’s advocacy initiatives over the year, ensuring that every cancer patient receives equitable, high-quality care regardless of their identity or location. Advocates communicate with federal lawmakers and agencies, write personalized letters to Congress members through ASCO’s ACT Network, engage with state lawmakers to address policy priorities, and organize site visits for lawmakers in their home states and districts. 

Over the past year, Patel has been actively involved in various advocacy activities, such as meeting with national and local legislators, communicating with congressional leaders advocating on behalf of ASCO, and assisting with identifying key priorities that can improve patient care and physician well-being nationally. Her policy-focused research has led to positive changes in practice and policies. Due to her unwavering dedication to policy efforts and advocacy, she has been named to the highest level of the President’s Circle. 

May 2023
Photo courtesy of Manali I. Patel