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A study of the Northern California Breast Cancer Family Registry, funded by the National Cancer Institute

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      Breast cancer incidence globally has been increasing among women under 40 years. However, young women are not often included in cancer research studies in large enough numbers to be able to detect factors that may increase or reduce their risk of cancer.

      The Breast Cancer Family Registry's Young Women’s Study is the first major breast cancer research study with a specific focus on recruiting women under age 40 years. Over time, we will collect health information and biological samples (blood, urine) that will be used to study how genes, lifestyle and our environment may be protective factors or risk factors for cancer in young women. Thank you for joining the Young Women’s Study and becoming the next generation of women who will play a powerful role in our collective understanding of breast cancer!

Why is your participation important?

Most breast cancer studies do not include women under age 40.

Young women are often not included in breast cancer studies in large enough numbers. 

Breast cancer is increasing among women under age 40.

The reason why breast cancer has been increasing in women under age 40 are not known. 

Clinical guidelines are based on research in women over 40.

Clinical guidelines for young women need to be improved. 

Being part of the Young Women's Study means...


You are part of a groundbreaking study to learn more about factors that protect against breast cancer in women under age 40


You join a community of over 800 young women and over 40,000 women and men from nearly 15,000 families from the United States, Canada, and Australia that have dedicated their time to participate in the Breast Cancer Family Registry (BCFR) since 1995.


Whether you have or don't have cancer, your participation will make a difference, and the research findings will benefit many women.

Together, we can learn about how to reduce breast cancer. 

Your participation involves:

Your privacy matters

All aspects of the Young Women's Study are completely voluntary, and all data are secure and confidential.

Keep us updated!

If you have a new email address or recently changed your phone number,  please let us know by calling our toll-free number 1-888-441-2643 or e-mail us at

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