Buckwalter Lab Events


05/2015 Tawaun Lucas (graduate student) joins the lab

05/2015 Lisa Quach leaves the lab to start medical school at UCLA

05/2015 Aaron Williams leaves the lab to start an MD/PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania

05/2015 Sara Stern-Nezer leaves the lab to do residency at UCLA

01/2015 Sara Stern-Nezer, M.D., M.P.H. (neurology resident) joins the lab to study biomarkers of post-stroke depression


06/2014 Kendra Lechtenberg (graduate student) joins the lab

05/2014 The Buclab attends a San Francisco Giants game!

 Todd Peterson’s NRSA receives funding

03/2014 Egle Cekanaviciute, Ph.D. graduates and begins her position as a post-doctoral scholar in the Baranzini lab at UCSF


08/2013 Kristian Doyle, Ph.D. leaves the lab to start the Doyle lab at the University of Arizona – Tucson as an assistant professor 

08/2013 Rashid Siddiqui begins school at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine

06/2013 Todd Peterson, Ph.D. (post-doctoral scholar) joins the lab to study TGFb signaling after stroke


12/2012 Aaron Williams (undergraduate research assistant) joins the lab

11/2012 Nancy Fathali, Ph.D. leaves the lab for a Medical Scientific Manager position at Allergan

10/2012 Lisa Quach (research assistant/lab manager) joins the lab

09/2012 Karen Wei (fall student) joins the lab

08/2012 Jullet Han leaves the lab to attend Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

06/2012 Loren Sacks, M.D. (post-doctoral scholar) joins the lab

03/27/12 Kristian gets his K99 funded!


09/2011 The Buclab participates in the AHA Heartwalk in Redwood City

06/2011 - Gabriela Suarez-Mier, DVM, DACVIM (graduate student) joins the lab.

01/2011 - Nancy Fathali (post-doctoral scholar) joins the lab.


10/2010 Rashid Siddiqui (laboratory technician) joins the lab.

07/2010 The lab visits Yosemite National State Park for second annual lab camping trip!


06/2009 Lauren Mamer (undergraduate research assistant) will be leaving the lab to attend a masters program in Berlin, German. Cameron Waites (SSRP Student) joins the lab for the summer and will be working with Kereshmeh on her oligodendrocyte project. Finally, the Buclab embarks on a two day camping trip at Pinnacles State Park.

05/2009 Egle Cekanaviciute (graduate student) and Jeremy Goodman (undergraduate researcher) join the lab.


08/2008 Kereshmeh Taravosh-Lahn, Ph.D. (post-doctoral scholar) joins the lab.

07/2008 Julia Pollak (research assistant) will be leaving the lab and moving on to graduate school at the Unversity of Washington in Seattle, WA. Kristian's sail boat, New York, wins the World Yacht Race after a 35,000-mile circumnavigation!

05/2008 Britta Jones (visiting undergraduate research assistant) will be joining our lab for the summer and will be working with Julia on her project on small molecule neurotrophins.

03/2008 Kristian embarks on a 6-week sailing trip from Santa Cruz, CA to the Jamacia Island.

02/2008 Kristian Doyle, Ph.D. (post-doctoral scholar) joins the lab.

01/2008 Lauren Mamer (undergraduate research assistant) joins the lab.


11/2007 The Buckwalter Lab is offically, though very empty, open! Jullet Han (research assistant/lab manager) joins the lab.