Principal Investigator

Tamar Green, MD

Dr. Green earned her MD at Ben Gurion University and her training as a child psychiatrist at Tel Aviv University, Israel. She completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience at Stanford University. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford and the Principal Investigator at Brain Imaging, Development, Genetics Lab (BRIDGE). Dr. Green holds NIH-funded awards, is a Francis S. Collins Scholar, and holds the Stephen Bechtel Endowed Faculty Scholarship. Her research focuses on human genetic models of neurodevelopmental disorders. Her laboratory is interested in Rasopathies, a group of syndromes caused by genetic mutations in Ras/MAPK, including Noonan syndrome and Neurofibromatosis 1. A primary objective of these studies is to uncover neural correlations between Ras/MAPK signaling and deficits in attention, memory, and social skills.

Yaffa Serur, MD - Postdoctoral Fellow

Yaffa was born in Mexico City, where she finished medical school. Her research focused on neurogenetic syndromes as models for understanding behavior and psychiatric disorders. Currently, she is doing a postdoctoral fellowship at the lab. She has many projects, and she is responsible for observing assessments, doing MRIs, and the medical aspects of the research in the lab.

Julia Plank, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral Fellow

Julia is a postdoctoral researcher at BRIDGE Lab. Currently, she is working on MRI analysis of children with Rasopathies. Julia completed her Ph.D. in neuroimaging at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. 

Hamed Honari, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral Fellow

Hamed received his PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. With his background in application of artificial intelligence, statistical signal processing, statistical learning and passion in software prototyping, he is interested in methodology development and application of AI in neuroimaging, computational neuroscience, and interdisciplinary research. Before joining BRIDGE lab at Stanford, he was a Data Scientist at World Bank Group in Washington, DC where he used his background and research skills leveraging AI for innovative solutions and showcase effectiveness of technology-driven solutions in real-world contexts through design thinking research and PoV prototyping, including Computer Vision, Generative AI, and NLP. During his PhD, he worked on introducing new approaches for assessing time-varying functional brain connectivity. Currently, as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, his interests are focused on use of data driven techniques and machine learning for neuroimaging in particular for assessing functional connectivity.


Mira Raman, PhD - Imaging Analyst

Mira's career has centered around neuroimaging with a primary emphasis on structural MRI. She has been with the Division of Interdisciplinary Brain Science Research, on and off since 2008. Currently, her work is focused in The BRIDGE Lab, on structural, functional, and DTI imaging studies of children and adolescents with RASopathies.

Chloe McGhee, BS - Clinical Research Coordinator

Chloe graduated from Northwestern University with a major in Neuroscience. Currently, she is a clinical research coordinator associate for the Bridge Lab. In the lab, she administers cognitive assessments, performs MRI scans, analyzes imaging data, and writes behavioral reports about the participant for families. Outside of the lab, she loves to play soccer, run, and go on hikes all across California.

Naomi Fuhrmann, BA - Research Assistant

Naomi graduated from Reichman University with a major in Psychology. She's currently an assistant researcher at Bridge Lab, where she administers cognitive assessments,  recruits participants, and leads community outreach initiatives.

Lital Schwartz, BS - Research Assistant

Lital is a clinical nutritionist. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences and an RD certificate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Lital is a Clinical Research Coordinator Associate with a myriad of responsibilities including recruiting study participants, coordinating study visits, managing social media, etc.