Mission Statement

We envision a multidisciplinary team that unites under the common goal of providing novel, innovative, and exciting science to improving treatment outcomes for Veterans with addiction. The combination of fields such as psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, computer science, and others will allow us to create a multifaceted approach to our research questions. We believe strongly in using this platform to train and mentor future scientists interested in a clinically translatable approach to science. 

"The BRAVE Lab is about getting Veterans with addiction the right treatment at the right time

Addiction is a huge problem among combat Veterans and the one-size-fits-all approach to treatment does not work for everyone. The BRAVE Lab is about getting the Veterans with addiction the right treatment at the right time. We currently have four ongoing studies: INDICAS, Healthy Brain Aging, Innovator, and TMS^2 Studies. 

Diversity Statement

The BRAVE Lab is committed to fostering a diverse and representative lab. To this end the BRAVE Lab aims to:

1. Provide safe, equitable, and inclusive environment through deliberate actions; 

2. Value differences and use them to better our science; 

3. Respect individual needs, styles, and career goals and mentor accordingly;

4. Find areas to change the status quo in order to broaden representation in STEM, in an attempt to correct historical opportunity imbalances.


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