To investigate the brain basis of learning and development of mathematical problem solving skills in children with and without learning disabilities.  

PARTICIPANTS RECEIVE: Up to $375 honorarium upon completion on the study.*

  • Pictures of their own brains.
  • A Stanford Brain Development t-shirt.

STAGES OF THIS STUDY:2 Neuropsychological Assessments.

  1. 1 appointment to measure math skills.
  2. 1 pre-study MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain scan appointment.
  3. Some qualified participants will participate in 4 weeks of math training. This involves weekly visits to Stanford and 3 sessions of online math games played at home per week.
  4. 1 post-study MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain scan appointment.
  5. 2 appointments to measure math skills.
  6. There will also be a follow-up appointment and brain scan 6 months after participation.

*$375 for participants with high functioning autism. $325 maximum for all other participants

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