Patient Stories

  • Tomoya Ogura - Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Tomoya Ogura's MRI revealed that he had a brain tumor pressing on his trigeminal nerve, the cranial nerve that provides sensation to the face. Read more on Tomoya's story and how Stanford doctor's provided him with the care he needed.

  • Richard Bond, Glioblastoma

    Lieutenant Colonel Richard Bond was stationed in the Middle East when he collapsed and evacuated to Europe for his brain tumor removal. Twelve years later, he is grateful to to be a glioblastoma survivor.

  • Gayle Gullans - Brain Lesions

    Cancer survivor Gayle Gullans developed mysterious brain lesions. A team of Stanford doctors worked together to figure out why.

  • Robin Manansala - Oligodendroglioma

    Robin was diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma. After surgery, he participated in a clinical trial at Stanford Brain Tumor Center and developed a close working relationship with his care team.

  • Ali Daoud, Cushing's Syndrome

    After years of practicing surgery techniques in a part of the brain known as a “no man’s land,” Juan Fernandez-Miranda was able to remove a complex pituitary gland tumor from a Lebanese teenager.