Metastatic Brain Tumor

A metastatic tumor is cancer that did not begin in the brain, but instead developed in some other part of the body and progressed to the brain or spinal cord.

Treatment for metastatic tumors aims to slow progression of the cancer and manage symptoms that harm your quality of life.

Stanford Brain Tumor Center offers an integrated team-based approach for metastatic brain tumor patients.  Your team includes a neuro-oncologist, primary oncologist, radiation oncologist, and a surgeon, who work together to balance the benefit of any given treatment with the potential side effects.

Our doctors use 3 main categories of treatment for metastatic tumors: surgery, radiation therapy, and drug therapy. We often recommend a combination of these treatments, based on the specific details discovered during diagnosis. Learn more about our treatments >

You and your team of doctors will work together to identify the best option for you, based on factors such as:

  • Size of the tumor
  • Location
  • Aggressiveness of the cancer