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News stories and press releases on research from the Melissa Bondy Lab, as well as interviews with Dr. Bondy herself.

Genes linked to familial brain cancer identified in study led by Melissa Bondy

May 17, 2023 -  Melissa Bondy and fellow researchers have identified several genes associated with familial glioma - two of which are also associated with ovarian and colon cancers. They also found mutations in three locations of the genome called non-coding regions that affect which genes are made into proteins. 

A landfill in their backyard

September 11, 2020. Melissa Bondy is featured in this CNN story about Staten Island residents' worries that the defunct Fresh Kills landfill, a forensic site for 9/11 Ground Zero debris that is currently being transformed into a park, is making them sick.

E&PH Primary Faculty Sign Op Ed: Pseudo-expertise should not guide America’s response to COVID-19

Former Stanford colleagues warn Dr. Scott Atlas fosters 'falsehoods and misrepresentations of science'

September 9, 2020. A group of Stanford Medicine researchers and clinicians, including Melissa Bondy, have penned a letter calling attention to the falsehoods and misrepresentations of science espoused by Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Access the letter

The letter was also covered by several news outlets, including ABC NewsCNBCNewsweekNew York TimesPoliticoSan Francisco ChronicleBreitbartWashington Examiner, and Washington Post

Melissa Bondy spoke at Stanford Medicine Virtual Town Hall

May 19, 2020. Our own department chair, Melissa Bondy, joined a panel of experts for the May 21st Stanford Medicine Virtual Town Hall, which focused on phasing out of shelter-in-place. She was joined by other panelists Dean Lloyd Minor and Rusty Hofmann. 

Stanford Medicine team launches survey via smartphone app to assess impact of COVID-19

April 16, 2020. E&PH faculty Melissa Bondy, Steven Goodman, and Lorene Nelson are featured in this Stanford Medicine News story, which covers the release of their smartphone app, called Apollo, which is designed to "assess how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us, not only physically but also socially, financially and emotionally." The release of the Apollo App was also featured in ComputerWorld on April 20th. 

Stanford community gathers resources in support of COVID-19 testing

March 25, 2020. E&PH Chair Melissa Bondy is featured in this heartwarming Stanford Scope story about community efforts to gather much needed scientific resources for COVID-19 testing.