Bo Yu Lab

Bo Yu, MD, MS is an Assistant Professor in the Division of REI, Department of OBGYN.  Dr. Yu received a master’s degree in Nutrition from Clemson University before starting her medical career. After graduating from University of Michigan Medical School with Distinction in Research, she completed her residency in OBGYN at Columbia University and subsequent REI fellowship at the NIH.  Dr. Yu received research training through the NIH-funded Reproductive Scientist Development Program (RSDP).  Prior to joining Stanford, she was an Assistant Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and University of Washington. Her clinical interests include female infertility, assisted reproductive technologies, and oncofertility.

Dr. Yu’s lab is interested in ovarian physiology and pathology, as well as assisted reproductive technologies (ART).  The main goals are to:

  1. Develop non-invasive preimplantation genetic testing
  2. Examine the impact of ART on the long-term health and future generations
  3. Understand the initiating events of ovarian cancer for early detection

Her lab uses a combination of cellular & molecular biology, genomics, animal model, and molecular imaging technologies to better understand molecular and pathological processes.

Dr. Yu received multiple awards for her research, including the Society of Reproductive Investigation (SRI) Early Career Award, the Young Investigator Achievement Award from the Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation for Reproductive Medicine, ASRM prize paper presentations, and the J. Griswold Ruth, M.D., and Margery Hopkins Ruth Endowed Scholarship. Her research has been continuously funded by NIH.

Dr. Yu is an elected member of the Research Committee at ASRM, and serves as the current Chair of the Physician Scientist Interest Group at ASRM. She is also a member of SRI.