Akshay Chaudhari Wins 2019 ISMRM W. S. Moore Young Investigator Award

Photo Credit: ISMRM

May 2019.

Dr. Akshay Chaudhari, Research Scientist, won the Moore ISMRM Young Investigator Award (YIA) at the 2019 Annual Meeting, for his paper entitled, "5-Minute Double-Echo in Steady-State with Separated Echoes for Comprehensive Whole-Joint Knee MRI Assessment with and without a Proton-Density-Weighted Sequence.” 

The YIA is given to trainees within 5 years of their PhD or medical training for outstanding and continuous research productivity in a high impact area.  Specifically, the W.S. Moore awardee must show relevance of their work to patient care.  The rigorous competition begins with an accepted journal article, followed by an oral and poster presentation at the meeting with a private questioning session by the awards committee.

Dr. Chaudhari’s work, as the name suggests, developed a fast knee scan and tested this on actual clinical patients.  Faster knee scans will improve access, cost and patient comfort, while the additional quantitative information will enable better diagnosis as well as long-term study of changes associated with knee osteoarthritis.

Congratulations, Akshay!!