Arjun Desai Wins 2nd Place Oral Presentation at Musculoskeletal Study Group Meeting

May 2019.

Graduate student Arjun Desai won 2nd Place Oral Presentation at the Musculoskeletal Study Group meeting at the 2019 ISMRM for his presentation, "DOSMA: A deep-learning, open-source framework for musculoskeletal MRI analysis".  Congratulations, Arjun!

This work describes the development of an open-source software pipeline to manage the acquisition, post-processing, and quantitative analysis of MR images of the knee.  The goal is to create a platform that users across institutions can use to streamline their workflows for analyzing MR images for MSK applications.


Contact Information

Lucas Center for Imaging 
1201 Welch Rd, Stanford, CA 94305-5488

Directions: Lucas Ctr. or Porter Dr. Locations