Prerequisites for Graduate Degrees in Biomedical Informatics

Our program is quite quantitatively and computationally rigorous, and our students take graduate-level coursework in statistics and computer science at Stanford. Therefore, we expect strong preparation in these areas in order to make reasonable progress through our curriculum. All of our degree programs have the same prerequisites. Note that these are the minimum requirements, and that many applicants exceed them.  

  • Calculus: at least one year, preferrably the track taught for engineering or physical science. Additional coursework in multivariate calculus is strongly recommended
  • Probability and statistics: at least one course, and preferably one course in both areas
  • Linear algebra
  • Computer science: one year, preferably the introductory sequence for CS majors. The focus should be fundamentals of computer science (data structures and algorithms) and software engineering principles (abstraction, modularity, object-oriented programming)
  • Biology/Medicine: at least some coursework in this area, preferably the introductory sequence for biology majors