Personal Statement for applying in Biomedical Informatics

Instructions for Writing Your Personal Statement (Statement of Purpose)

You are required to submit a Personal Statement (Statement of Purpose) as part of the Graduate Application for either the MS or PhD degree.

Please note that the BMI program focuses on the development of novel computational and quantitative methods that can advance biomedicine. If your primary interest lies in the application of such methods to pursue problems in a particular domain of biomedicine, then other Biosciences home programs are likely a better choice. The Admissions Committee will read your Personal Statement carefully to determine how well your aspirations align with the mission of the BMI Training Program.

In your Personal Statement, please tell us how your schooling, work, research, and life experiences prepare you for study at BMI, describe your current research interests and career goals, and explain how our training program will enable you to achieve them.

The Personal Statement should be 1-2 pages. Please do not append class projects, research proposals, draft manuscripts, published papers, posters, or other ancilliary materials.