Biomedical Informatics for Stanford MSTP (Medical Scientist Training Program) students

For those already in the MSTP program

  • You do rotations during M1-2. When you are ready to apply, file a Graduate Authorization Petition (via Axess).
  • You should request that the MSTP office send us a copy of your MSTP application.
  • You should submit directly to us:
  • Note that GREs are not required, and there is no personal interview.

For current medical students applying to the MSTP program

  • You apply to MSTP and you also apply to BMI through the standard Biosciences PhD procedure.
  • MCATs can be supplied in place of the GREs (but strong performance on GRE could increase chance of acceptance in some cases).
  • In-person interviews are typically early March.
  • If you are not chosen by MSTP for funding, BMI will consider you in the normal application pool with training grant funding through BMI.