Biomedical Informatics for Stanford Medical Students

There several ways that Stanford medical students can be involved in BMI-related activities. Some of these are integrated into the medical curriculum. Others involve applying to BMI degree programs.

Scholarly Concentration

The Stanford medical curriculum provides medical training and an intellectual foundation to support future medical investigation through the required Scholarly Concentrations. Stanford medical students interested in biomedical informatics can choose the Informatics and Data-Driven Medicine concentration, one of the Foundation areas. These students take several classes in this area, including BIOMEDIN 205, where leading researchers from Stanford and the Bay Area present overviews of their work.

Medical Scholars

Medical students who want a more in-depth research experience are invited to participate in the Medical Scholars research program. 

Graduate Programs (MS or PhD)

Medical students can apply to our MS or PhD programs. Follow these procedures for normal graduate applications and these procedures for MSTP students or applicants.

Postdoctoral Programs

Medical students can also apply to pursue either the MS or PhD degree after receiving their MD.