Information for International Applicants

We welcome applications from international applicants. International applicants follow the same application process as other applicants, with additional rules and requirements listed here.

Required Academic Credentials

You need to hold a four-year bachelors degree in order to apply. The exact requirements vary by country and are listed on the Office of Graduate Admissions International Applicants page.


Scores are required of all applicants whose first language is not English. Note that if all instruction for your bachelors or master degree program was in English, then the TOEFL is not required. See the Biosciences Admissions page for more details. Note that Stanford only accepts the TOEFL, not other tests of English.


We do not advise applicants about visas. The Bechtel International Center has information about how to maintain visas for international students. The US State Department has information about student and exchange visitor visas.


Please look at the webpage for the degree program (PhD or MS) to which you are applying. Unfortunately, funding for international students is quite limited, and you are encouraged to seek external funding. You should consider applying for Stanford's Knight-Hennessy Scholars program. Your home country may have programs to support study overseas. The Fulbright program funds international scholars. The Fogarty International Center maintains a Directory of Funding Opportunities. The Institute of International Education has a search engine which will help you locate programs which fund international study.

For MS applicants: We have very occasionally had self-funded international MS students. You need to show funds equivalent to one year of tuition and board to meet the visa requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

See here.