PhD Students

First Year, Class of 2022/23


Jacob Chang

Research interests: 


Karen Feng

Research interests: Developing statistical methods and computational approaches to gain insights from genomic data and translate them to the clinic.

Eduardo 'Alejandro' Lozano Garcia

Research interests: 

Rohan Koodli

Research interests: Creating algorithms for macromolecular design, folding, and structure prediction with machine learning.


Holly McCann

Research interests: 

Selena Junyi Pi

Research interests: 


Maximillian Schuessler

Research interests: 

Elana Simon

Research interests: 


Jiang Yixing

Research interests: Useful AI for healthcare

Second Year, Class of 2021/22

Laura Bravo Sanchez

Research interests: Clinical trial design, conduct, and data integration from unique sourcesor.

Ellen Bouchard

Research interests:

Henry Cousins

Research interests:

Bryan Bunning

Research interests: Clinical trial design, conduct, and data integration from unique sources

Ben Ehlert

Research interest: Clinically-viable machine learning to optimize care of chronic diseases. 

Oana Enache

Research interest: Developing statistical methods for observational health data 

Ashley Lewis

Research interests: Machine learning and algorithm development broadly to inform clinical practice. Also, the impact of health policy on population health, primarily in vulnerable populations

Gowri Nayar

Research interests: Designing computational tools and prediction algorithms to understand protein interactions and accelerate drug development.

Joseph Wakim

Research interests:

Maggie Wang

Research interests: Developing robust and interpretable machine learning models to meaningfully guide clinical care.

Third Year, Class of 2020/21

Josiah Aklilu

Research interests: Applying machine learning in medical imaging and studying the underlying causes for neurological disorders, and developing methods for drug discovery and efficacy. 

Kristy Carpenter

Research interests: Developing and applying computational tools for drug discovery and acceleration of drug development pipeline

Samson Mataraso

Research interests: Developing and applying statistical and machine learning methods to understand the biology of aging and age-related disease.

Eric Sun

Research interests: Developing and applying statistical and machine learning methods to understand the biology of aging and 

Min Woo Sun

Research interest: Developing statistical methods and integrating multimodal data to elucidate the molecular underpinnings of complex diseases.

Kevin Wu

Research interests: Clinically-viable machine learning, computer vision for medical imaging, and neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence

Christine Yeh

Research interest: Computational systems biology for translational medicine.


Juan Manuel Zambrano Chaves

Research interests: Enhance clinical practice by developing decision aiding tools using statistics and artificial intelligence.

Fourth Year, Class of 2019/20

Matthew Aguirre

Research interests: Developing methods in statistical genetics to better understand, identify, and treat human disease.

Erin Craig

Research interests: Develop tools to support clinical decision making, to improve relationships between patients and clinicians, and to ease hospital processes and workflows.

Daisy Ding

Research interests: Develop statistical and machine learning models for clinical decision-making.

Checo Gonzales

Research interests: Statistical and community-based methods for identification of (un)fair algorithmic allocation of health care resources to historically oppressed groups.

Mars Huang

Research interests: Applying deep learning on genomic or proteomic data to contribute to precision medicine development and drug discovery.

Yusuf Roohani

Research interests: Machine learning applied to drug discovery and systems biology. Multi-modal data integration especially dealing with high throughput screening and imaging. 

Fifth Year, Class of 2018/19

Conor Corbin

Research interests: Applying machine learning and AI techniques to optimize medical workflows.

Alex Derry

Research interests: Using statistical or machine-learning methods to improve personalized/precision medicine.

Tiffany Eulalio

Research interests: Apply machine learning and parallel programming techniques to genetic data to study cancer and aginghine-learning methods to improve personalized/precision medicine.

Scott Fleming

Research interests: Developing algorithms to optimize behavioral interventions in mobile health applications.

Gautam Machiraju

Research interests: Developing mathematical models and multi-omic learning methods for applications in systems biomedicine.

Minh Nguyen

Research interests: Applying machine learning to electronic health records and clinical practice.

Sixth Year, Class of 2017/18

Dan Sosa

Research interests: Generating drug-repurposing hypotheses through edge-prediction in literature-derived heterogeneous networks.

Seventh Year, Class of 2016/17

Kelley Paskov

Research interests: Assembling and analyzing genomics and metagenomics data, electronic medical record mining, and physiological signal processing among others.