Honors Cooperative MS (HCP)

First Year, Class of 2022/23

Gabrielle Bunney

Research interests: 

Colin Hitter

Research interests: 

Christopher Liao

Research interests: 

Claire Martin

Research interests: 

Keith Moore

Research interests: 

Eric Pan

Research interests: 

Thomas Savage

Research interests: 

Wai Lun Suen 

Research interests: 

Second Year, Class of 2021/22

Charles Chen

Research Interests: Mining electronic health records using machine learning and natural language processing. Developing artificial intelligence systems for information extraction and decision support.

Lola Falasinnu

Research Interests:

Ran Geng

Research Interests:

Hannah Grossman

Research Interests: Using machine learning for a range of biomedical applications, most notably cancer diagnosis and treatment. "I hope to utilize my education in molecular environmental biology and computer science and background as a software engineer to discover solutions to diseases that plague so many of us." 

William Jennings

Research Interests:

Jackson Michuda

Research Interests:

Santosh Mohan

Research Interests:

Srikar Rao Nallan

Research Interests:

Qi Wen

Reseach Interests:

Kevin Yu

Reseach Interests:

Third Year, Class of 2020/21

Chia Jui Hung

Research Interests: Developing algorithms for wearables; mining and applying machine learning methods to omics data.

Xingchen Liu

Research Interest: Machine learning applied to medical Imaging and cognitive neuroscience.

Harrison Stuckey

Research Interests: Development of computational techniques of analyzing prostate CT images for automated treatment planning utilizing AI and deep learning.

Gary Tseng

Research Interests: Applied machine learning in healthcare, statistical methods, and digital health applications.

Fourth Year, Class of 2019/2020

Gary Burnett

Research Interests: Machine learning, GPU Computing, Neuroscience, Deep Brain Stimulation, Neural Encoding/Decoding.

Chenyu Li

Research interests: Developing novel methods and informatics tools for genome and transcriptome analysis to improve diagnostics and treatment of diseases.

Abby Pandya

Research Interests: Developing quantification and AI methods to translate data to meaning to construct and implement proactive, continuous, and preventative health outcomes.

Kirsten Steffner

Research interests: artificial intelligence and medical imaging; machine learning and data integration for the prediction of clinical outcomes; cardiothoracic anesthesiology and critical care medicine; perioperative echocardiography.

Hsu-Hang (Eric) Yeh

Research interests: develop models for clinical decision support, utilize machine learning to facilitate clinical research.