Academic Research MS

First Year, Class of 2022/23

Aditi Goyal

Research interests:  Personalized medicine and diagnostic genomics, QTL analysis for novel gene marker identification. 


Marie Huynh

Research interests: 

Ashley Pournamdari

Research interests: Aims to better understand how clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP) may contribute to the development of coronary artery disease (CAD). She is currently working on understanding how tissue specific regulatory mechanisms, particularly the spleen, may drive CAD.

Ying Sun

Research interests: My research focused on the development of a statistical and computational framework to study chromatin spatial organization. The goal is to leverage the complementary nature of genome-wide Hi-C data and single-cell imaging data to generate more robust and high-resolution inference of chromatin conformation and to gain a more complete understanding of cell-type-specific chromatin spatial architecture.

Qianhui Zheng

Research interests: Developing and applying computational methods to understand how gene expression influences disease phenotypes. 

Second Year, Class of 2021/22

Besher Ashouri

Research Interests:

Mike Freedman

Research Interests: "I’m a pediatrician in critical care training with a background in bioengineering, pharma R&D, decision science, epidemiology, consulting, and startups. I’m interested in applying computational modeling techniques toward the prediction and prevention of critical illness in children, both inside and outside the PICU."

Samvel Gyurdzhyan

Research Interests: Coupling real-world data with machine learning to derive actionable insights and develop digital therapeutics that advance patient care.

Timothy Keyes

Research Interests:

David Kuo

Research Interests: Computational methods for guiding patient treatment and building robust trustworthy machine learning systems for real-world clinical practice.

Dasha Savage

Research Interests:

Matt Schwede

Research Interests: Integrating both genomic and phenotypic data, including data from the electronic health record, and applying machine learning and other computational techniques to model pathogenesis, treatment response, and survival in hematologic malignancies

Ben Viggiano

Research Interests: Machine learning/ computer vision techniques in medical imaging, integrating approaches for multimodal medical record data, bias analysis, and natural language processing for electronic medical health records

Betty Xiong

Research Interests: Biomedical natural language processing, and data analysis from medical wearables for improving patient outcomes.

Rachel Yu

Research interests:

Third Year, Class of 2020/21

Misha Baitemirova

Research interests:

Yousuf Khan

Research Interests: Studying the interactions of different macromolecules at a single molecule level, and specifically the AAA+ superfamily of proteins to understand how forces and can be transmitted between macromolecules to produce dynamic motion.

Riya Sinha

Research Interests:

Joshua Tanner

Research Interests: