Research Opportunities

Bipolar Disorder Studies at Stanford Bipolar Disorders Clinic

  1. Efficacy of Suvorexant to Treat Insomnia Related to Bipolar Disorder:
    1. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of suvorexant, added to existing medications, for treatment-resistant insomnia in individuals with bipolar disorder. If you are currently having problems with sleep and biploar, please contact Lauren Chang at or (650) 498-8459 for more information on becoming a participant
  2. Actigraphy and Mood Disorders
    1. Participants are asked to wear a watch-like device that monitors various parameters throughout the day. The data from the watch will be available to the bipolar care team to help treat patients while they are being seen at the clinic. Please contact Lauren Chang at or (650) 498-8459 for more information on becoming a participant.

Bipolar Disorder Studies at Other Stanford Clinics

Palo Alto VA Adult Bipolar Disorders Research Program

The Palo Alto VA Bipolar Research Program is currently recruiting participants (military and non-military) for several research studies.

Pediatric Research Programs

The Pediatric Bipolar Disorders Program and the Pediatric Mood Disorders Program are both currently recruiting participants for several research studies.

Center for Neuroscience in Women's Health Research Program

The Center for Neuroscience in Women's Health Research Program is currently recruiting participants (men and women) with bipolar or unipolar disorder.  Click here for information.

All Clinical Trials at Stanford University

Stanford runs various clinical trials in need of participants, (e.g., arthritis, diabetes, sleep disorders, etc.). For information about volunteering for clinical trials at Stanford, click All Clinical Trials at Stanford.

Participating in Research

Please contact Lauren Chang at or (650) 498-8459 for more information on becoming a participant.

Clinical Trials Across the United States

To find out what clinical trials are going on across the nation, see:

For general information regarding rights of research participants, please call (650) 723-5244 or toll-free 1-866-680-2906.

Research Sponsors

The Bipolar Disorders Clinic is a non-profit organization and gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following individuals, families, and corporate donors.

  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • Gray Edward D. and Marjorie R.
  • In Memory of James Erkman
  • In Memory of Eleanor Levitt
  • In Memory of Norma Mazzanti
  • In Memory of Karen Lombardo
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