BioSci Careers' Policy on Internships

Notice: the CEO is delayed until further notice; please follow our newsletter announcements for updates.

Internships can provide unique opportunities to gain meaningful and practical work experience in order to make School of Medicine Trainees more competitive for the next phase of their career. However, participation in an internship requires time away from academic work, navigation of university & external policies, and requires approval from research and academic advisors.

All biosciences trainees who seek an internship are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Attend a quarterly BioSci Careers Internship Workshop focused on specific policies, paperwork, and action items associated with securing and returning from an internship.
  2. Complete BioSci Careers' Internship Agreement form to outline leave of absence, funding, and transition agreements between the trainee and department supervisor. Retain a signed copy and provide a signed copy to BioSci Careers Assistant Director.
  3. Start discussions with an advisor and relevant administrator, at least 3 months in advance of the internship to assist in navigating deadlines and policies related to funding, health insurance, housing, and leaves of absence.


Trainees seeking assistance with the process of securing an internship are encouraged to use Handshake, Biosciences resources including:

  • The CEO Program, an 8-week course focused on career development, connection to alumni mentors, formal internship opportunities, and clear direction regarding university policy and paperwork related to internships.
  • One-to-one career counseling to address individual needs including policy, approaching an advisor to discuss internships, interviewing, and negotiation.
  • Handshake, Biosciences, the SoM’s exclusive job and internship database.
  • FAQ section on the web site.


For questions or concerns, please contact us at