Prepare Trainees for Success in Your Field

Are you interested in introducing trainees to your organization and in mentoring them through hands-on experience? Participate in the Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) internship program and preparation course.

  • Class mentor: The CEO class takes trainees through the entire career development process from self-assessment, to informational interviews, ending with applications and interviews. One benefit of the class is individually matched alumni mentors to give feedback on academic, professional, and career plans within the trainee’s desired sector. This is typically a 2 hour commitment in class and an optional 30 minute-1 hour coffee chat with your protégé later on (coffee card provided). Please let us know if you are interested or can recommend an alumni representative from within your company – our trainees always cite this as a highlight of the class.

  • Class presenter: CEO uses professionals from a variety of sectors to teach on topics such as: transferring scientific training to different careers of choice, marketing these skills, and making wise career decisions. We invite ideas for content as well as volunteer speakers.

  • Post an internshipHandshake, Biosciences

  • Don’t have an internship program at your organization? Let us help you get started- email us!

Are there skills our trainees should have BEFORE they begin working for you? Help get them ready by supporting the CEO curriculum and/or by adding to the Preparation and Practice curriculum in your sector.

BioSci Careers has developed an integrated academic, professional, and career development model to assist trainees identify, refine, immerse, and prepare for their careers of choice. For those looking to mentor trainees in the interests, skills, and values necessary to succeed future positions within your field, we offer 2 options:

  • Preparation & Practice: Coursework to refine and experience various careers of choice
    BioSci Careers staff experts work with faculty, alumni, and employers to develop sector-specific curriculum to give trainees the skills they will need to succeed in their chosen future career. Please contact us if you would like to consult on curriculum content, become primary faculty for a course, or speak during one of the sessions, at Stevie Eberle,

  • CEO: internship program preparation course and sessions to walk trainees through the career decision making process
    The primary goal of the CEO internship program is to augment the training and education offered to Graduate Students and Postdocs in the Biosciences at Stanford, by helping them explore, engage, and experience their career of choice. See prior section for how to be a class mentor or class presenter.

Educate trainees early about what jobs at your organization entail – day to day activities, application process, skills necessary for success: participate in and/or sponsor Career Development Presentations, Career Awareness panels, and/or Career Transitions workshops.

BioSci Careers has developed an integrated academic, professional, and career development model to assist trainees identify, refine, immerse, and prepare for their careers of choice. For those looking to mentor trainees in career decision making strategies and ways to stand out while on the job market, we offer 3 options:

  • Career Development: Workshops that help trainees explore their interests, skills and values as they apply to their academic and professional training. Workshops include career assessment, networking, and social media. BioSci Careersoccasionally invites alumni, employers, and faculty to co-present at workshops or to consult on content.

  • Career Awareness: Panels and events to help identify career of choice options
    We are always looking for panelists from various organizations to discuss their day to day work activities, skills most relevant for success in their field, and tips for making career of choice decisions.

  • Career Transitions: Workshops and immersion clinics that help you prepare to enter your career of choice
    • Workshops include: Preparing for Internships, Resumes/CVs, Cover Letters, Interviews, Career Expo Preparation
    • Immersion Clinics include: academic dossier reviews, academic and residency mock interviews, and consulting job preparation


BioSci Careers invites alumni, employers, and faculty to assist with immersion clinics and, occasionally, to co-present at workshops. If you are interested in assisting with one of these options, or have additional ideas for offerings, please contact Debra Rosenfeld,

For more information on our integrated academic and professional development model, see more under ADAPT.