Customize Marketing and Partnership Packages

Biosci Partners Program

BioSci Careers is pleased to offer opportunities for you to both expand your brand among our uniquely talented trainees and students as well as to show your support for their academic, professional, and career development. The package includes:

  • Your logo featured prominently on our website and social media sites and new student orientation marketing materials
  • Recognition in our Graduate Student Career Resources booklet (distributed campus-wide)
  • Up to 4 announcements/year in our weekly newsletter (sent to all MD students, and Biosciences graduate students and postdocs)
  • Free highlight in Biomedical and Bioscience Industry Expo (BBIE) booklet, if your company is attending, and a discounted rate on the event itself (10% off)
  • Includes an invitation to the annual partners debriefing lunch to discuss BioSci Careers' strategic plans


Based on staff time and processing costs, the annual fee for BioSci Partners is $515. For nonprofit organizations and new, start-up companies (companies in phase I funding with less than 50 people), we are offering this package for a reduced fee of $340. Proceeds will be used to support trainee group leadership activities as well as general, non-compensation trainee support.

We look forward to collaborating with you! Contact: Stevie Eberle,

Customize Your Own

Connections to various trainee event opportunities

There are at least 10 known Biosciences trainee groups, many of which hold professional connections and career exploration opportunities as a primary objective of their activities. BioSci Careers acts as an advisor for many of these groups, helps with marketing, and helps build relationships between trainee group members and alumni/organization representatives. One such example is the Stanford Biosciences Student Association’s Industry Happy Hour, an off campus networking event, occurring at least once a quarter.

It is not in our trainees’ best interest to encourage employers to outreach directly to trainee groups. To learn more: Industry Interactions Policies

If you would like to know more about the trainee leadership activities on campus, or if you have an idea to assist with the advancement of their professional objectives, please contact:

Customized Partners Package

We understand that your organization is unique and we want to help you achieve your unique recruiting and outreach goals. BioSci Careers offers an à la carte option featuring a variety of opportunities to connect with our talented, motivated, and innovative trainee population, as described on this page, these include:

  • On campus interview participation
  • Access to e-resume book
  • Participation in and support of Biomedical and Biotechnology Industry Expo (BBIE)
  • Industry Insights Campus Information Sessions
  • Industry Onsights Student Visits to Organizations
  • Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) Internship Program participation and support
  • Career development workshop, panel, and course participation and support
  • Recognition in various online and marketing materials
  • Trainee group outreach opportunities
  • …and your ideas!


Any of these services can be developed into a package as unique as your own technologies. Please contact the BioSci Careers office at to discuss the ways in which we can collaborate to advance our trainees’ interests and your organization’s together.

We look forward to working with you!