Build Company/ Organizational Presence

Are you looking for a way to discuss trainee innovations and the ways in which your job opportunities and organizational culture may fit the interests, skills and values of our trainees? Attend the BioMedical and Bioscience Industry Expo (BBIE).

This annual spring recruiting event is an opportunity for representatives of the bioscience industry to engage with School of Medicine trainees around career opportunities and the latest trends in medical and scientific research.

For added recognition, you may also be interested in sponsoring (financial or in kind) the event in the following ways:

  • Keynote opportunities: Is there someone in your organization whom you believe could be an inspirational kick-off to this career exploration event? Please let us know – we’d be happy to discuss ideas for content with you.

Do you want to share your organization’s latest technologies and innovations and increase your presence on campus? Present at an Industry Insights session.

Industry Insights is our employer showcase curriculum. These events provide opportunities for trainees to meet leaders from a variety of sectors who will share first-hand perspective and insights into their company’s technologies and professional opportunities. Sessions are developed upon request by employers. We will help with advertising, room scheduling, and, in some cases, content feedback.

For those interested in sponsoring a lunch, light dinner, or reception, we can help you organize this as well! These may cost between $500 to $3000, depending on your preferences. Let us know what you want and we’ll set it up for you!

What type of programming do our trainees request most often in order to get to know your company? Industry Onsites – site visits to your organization!

One of the best ways to understand the culture and technologies of an organization is to experience this first hand. We work with you to develop a program which allows you to highlight the areas of most significance to your organization while allowing our trainees to meet those working with you and to see the environment in which everyone works together to build a successful product or service. During past visits, participants had this to say:

It was a very well-organized event and it was great to interact with the Stanford Medicine community.

- Ann Gabriel, Vice President, Global Academic & Research Relations at Elsevier

BBIE helped us meet talented candidates and begin to build a relationship with potential future hires for our organization.

- Will Murphy, HR Site Leader Amgen


If you go to one recruiting event this year, this is it

Costs for participation vary with organizational needs and may range from nothing to hosted lunch and/or transportation. Likewise, the length of time spent depends on your interests.

To get started, email