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September 2010:

KCBS-AM, 09/01/19
David Magnus, the Thomas A. Raffin Professor in Medicine and Biomedical Ethics, was interviewed during this segment on upcoming human trials involving embryonic stem cells.

San Francisco Chronicle, 09/08/10
Stanford students learn what's in their genes
A summer course at the medical school gave students the opportunity to have their own personal genotyping done, and then use the data to understand the benefits and limitations of such testing. This article discusses the course and quotes course instructor/medical student Keyan Salari; Hank Greely, with the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics; and students Konrad Karczewski and Krystal St. Julien. Salari and several students are also pictured., 09/23/10
Stem cells that save big pharma a bundle
This article discusses using human tissue created from stem cells to identify potentially dangerous side-effects from drugs under development before undergoing expensive human trials. Christopher Scott, director of Stanford’s Program on Stem Cells and Society and a senior research scholar at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, provides comment.
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